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Many of the contacts we receive from this website ask one of a handful of questions. Please read our most frequently asked questions below and hopefully you can find your answer there. For any inquiries not covered by this FAQ, please feel free to reach out via the contact form below. Thank you for visiting Wonderlic Test Practice and best of luck on the Wonderlic!

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We would like to talk to you about customized tests for our business. -OR- We would like to discuss pricing for administering the Wonderlic Test to our candidates.

Wonderlic Test Practice does not provide any business-to-business services. We are solely focused on providing online practice tests to those who wish to experience the exam. If you are looking for pricing or customized testing experiences for your company or organization, you should contact Wonderlic, Inc. via their website.

Everyone is welcome to use our online practice tests for their own purposes so long as the testing material remains on the wonderlictestpractice.com website and the test and answers are administered and displayed by our testing engine.

Where can I take a Wonderlic Test? -OR- Where can I take any kind of IQ test?

We do not have contacts in the industry to provide aptitude testing of any kind. The best advice we can offer is to contact a local licensed psychologist or university psychology department as that profession most commonly administers aptitude tests.

I’m looking for my exam scores. Can you help me?

Unfortunately, no. Wonderlic Test Practice does not administer official Wonderlic exams and we do not have access to any exam results. You will need to contact either the company or individual who administered your exam or you will need to contact Wonderlic, Inc. Likewise, the results on our system are completely anonymous and we are unable to link any particular exam to any particular test-taker.

I scored X% on your exam. What does that mean?

We have several articles helping to explain Wonderlic scoring and results interpretation. The following articles have generally been the most helpful:

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Learn About the
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