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This website was born out of a passion for both testing and IQ tests in particular. The Official Wonderlic Test (not owned or hosted by this website) is one of the most iconic tests in the industry. Additionally, it’s also one of the most robust, long-lasting, and widely-used–even making appearances at the NFL Combine each year! That is why we chose to focus on this specific test. Within this site you will find online tests that could help you practice for Wonderlic proficiency. Our tests are not the official tests, but they might help you mentally prepare for questions similar to those you may be confronted with during the real Wonderlic Test. Enjoy our offerings…and good luck!

Wonderlic Test Practice website is provided by PB International for entertainment purposes only. We make no claims about the accuracy or validity of our scoring nor do we claim suitability for any particular purpose. Wonderlic Test Practice website is not an official product of or affiliate with Wonderlic, Inc who creates and provides the official Wonderlic Test. For information about the official Wonderlic test please contact Wonderlic, Inc. via their website.