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Wonderlic Test Scoring. What’s A Good Score? What’s Average

If you have questions about how the Wonderlic test is scored, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about how the test is scored, the range of high and low scores, the average score, and where your Wonderlic score rates you on the percentile range of human intelligence.

What is a Wonderlic score?

Understanding the scoring for the Wonderlic test is remarkably simple. With fifty questions, you get one point added to your score for every correct answer. A score of 15 means a person answered 15 questions correctly. The highest Wonderlic score someone can achieve is a 50 and the lowest Wonderlic score is a 0.

What is the average score for the Wonderlic test?

According to Wonderlic, Inc., the average score for the test is 20 out of a possible 50. A person who scores an average of 10 and above is considered literate and, therefore, seen by most employers as suitable for less demanding professions. Average test scores can significantly vary between different professions. For instance, an average score for a chemist is set at 31 while that of a cashier is set at 21. These two professions are entirely different, and they need individuals with different abilities to perform these jobs well. For job applicants, scoring well can be extremely important to set yourself apart from others competing for the same position. To increase one’s chances of getting a job, whether it’s as a nurse or an engineer, you can only improve your chances by posting a higher than average Wonderlic score.

A quick tip for first-time test takers is to answer all the questions. It has been shown that only two to three percent of participants finish the test in the allocated time of twelve minutes.

What is a good score on the Wonderlic?

While the average score on the Wonderlic is 20, the definition of what is a good score on the Wonderlic test varies. Often times, the quality of the score can be equated to the types of position or job an applicant or test taker is pursuing. Some average scores by job title go as such:

Wonderlic Score by Job Title
Job Title Avg. Wonderlic Score
Systems Analyst 32
Chemist 31
Electrical Engineer 30
Engineer 29
Programmer 29
Accountant 28
Executive 28
Reporter 28
Teacher 28
Copywriter 27
Investment Analyst 27
Librarian 27
Electronics Technician 26
Salesperson 25
Secretary 24
Dispatcher 23
Drafter 23
Electrician 23
Nurse 23
Bank teller 22
Cashier 21
Firefighter 21
Clerical Worker 21
Machinist 21
Receptionist 21
Train conductor 21
Craftsman 18
Security guard 17
Welder 17
Warehouseman 15
Janitor 14

Distribution of Wonderlic percentiles

So, what do these Wonderlic scores actually mean? The Mensa website has developed a breakdown of Wonderlic scores by percentile of intelligence. A score in the 98th percentile or above qualifies a person for Mensa membership. If you’re interested in where your score rates you in the grand scheme of human intelligence, this should at least provide a general sense of where you stand compared to the rest of the population. (UPDATE: Mensa has removed this information from their website. We will update this page with a link when we learn of the content being restored.)

Wonderlic Score Percentiles
Wonderlic Score Percentile
9 5
10 6
11 8
12 10
13 13
14 16
15 19
16 23
17 27
18 31
19 36
20 41
21 46
22 51
23 57
24 62
25 67
26 71
27 76
28 80
29 83
30 86
31 89
32 91
33 93
34 95
35 96
36 97
37 98
38 98
39 98
40 99
41 99
42 99
43 99
44 99
45 99
46 99
47 99
48 99
49 99
50 99

Delivery of the Wonderlic test results

Wonderlic test results are considered the property of the issuing company or institution. It is, therefore, difficult to establish your score unless the enterprise agrees to share the results with you depending on their policy.