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Wonderlic Personnel Practice Test

The Wonderlic Personnel Test is a cognitive ability test used by employers and educational institutions around the world. The Wonderlic Personnel Test is given by many different employers in various industries.

What is the Wonderlic Personnel Test?

Like other Wonderlic tests, the Personnel test is a 50 question test administered with a time limit of 12 minutes.

Results of the test are given to the testing administrator, which helps them make a more informed decision during their hiring process. They are given a variety of information, including average test scores for a particular occupation, ranges including below average, moderate and ideal scores, and recommendations for learning styles the applicant will need to succeed.

What Does the Wonderlic Personnel Test Measure?

The Personnel test is designed to predict the productivity of employees, which will, in turn, assist the hiring process of human resources departments and cut down on employee turnover. The Wonderlic Personnel test primarily measures a job candidate’s ability to follow directions, learn quickly and efficiently, come to solutions and adapt to change when necessary.

The test is constantly updated, and test takers should not expect to see the same test questions posted twice on different tests.

How Do I Prepare for the Wonderlic Personnel Test?

Most test takers find that taking Wonderlic Personnel practice tests and viewing sample questions are effective when preparing for the Wonderlic. The questions will not be the same, but the structure of the questions will be similar. More importantly, it forces test takers to get used to the time limitation of the test. People who do not do well on the Personnel test often run out of time and have to guess on the remaining questions.

Additionally, eating a good meal before the test and getting a good night’s sleep will help you stay focused throughout the test. You can practice for the Wonderlic Personnel by using our sample test found above.