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What is the Wonderlic Test Used For?

Wonderlic has 30 tests that are used by businesses, schools, the armed services and even the NFL for selection and placement purposes. These tests measure those aptitudes, skills and personality traits and attitudes that have been found to be related to success in jobs and schools.

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The Wonderlic tests

The following are the basic array of tests used by schools and businesses.

  • Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test measures an applicant’s ability to learn, adapt, solve problems and understand instructions.
  • Wonderlic Skills Tests are an assortment of assessments that measure skills in math, English, writing, clerical and software tasks, and perceptual ability. The Hay Aptitude Test Battery measures numerical accuracy and math skills that predict a worker’s ability to handle large volume detail quickly and accurately. There are also direct assessments of learning outcomes in training programs such as nursing and criminal justice.
  • Wonderlic Five-Factor and Seven-Factor Personality profiles assess personality traits and attitudes which can be related to jobs such as sales, management, customer relations, driver, firefighter, and any job where successful personality traits can be identified.

Personnel selection and placement

Businesses have used the Wonderlic tests in different ways. Large organizations that process hundreds of job applications have made the online 12-minute Personnel Quicktest part of the application process. This has allowed them to quickly eliminate unqualified applicants and bring only potentially successful persons to the job interviews.

Most users of the Wonderlic tests have used them to identify people who have the ability to learn, understand instructions, adapt, solve problems and make decisions. These are qualities that make a person suited for a number of different positions.

Businesses have also accessed Wonderlic’s organizational psychologists to draw up test profiles of successful workers in specific jobs so as to target their selections of applicants for those jobs. This process has reduced recruitment costs and employee turnover. The profiles can also be used in identifying candidates for promotions.

The NFL Combine Wonderlic Test was devised for scouting and to help match a player’s ability with the proper training methods. Interestingly, the most successful players do not score at the high end of the test.

Academic selection

The cognitive and basic skills tests are often used by technical and vocational schools for admission and placement. They are also used by nursing programs that provide CNA, LPN/LVN and Associate degree programs. Police training programs have also used these tests.

The successful uses of the Wonderlic tests are quite widespread and many companies write testimonials praising the use of the Wonderlic test in their company’s hiring process.