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Vocabulary Test

Below is a selection of vocabulary test questions from the Wonderlic. This is a great test to take if you are preparing for an upcoming aptitude test and vocabulary is not your strong suit, or if you’re looking for a fun way to take some vocab questions and test your skills.

Take a Practice Vocab Test

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About Vocabulary Tests

Vocabulary tests are designed to assess your overall knowledge of a language and your understanding of words.

The structure of vocab tests can be different, but will often ask you questions about the similarity of words, the use of words in a sentence, or the proper version of a similar word.

For example a question may ask you to distinguish the difference of dessert vs. desert, or ask which of the two is most similar to “parfait”.

Vocabulary Test Taking Tips

Here are a few tried and true methods of improving your vocabulary as well as tips while taking a vocabulary test.

Make a habit of reading

While this tip doesn’t make much sense if your test is tomorrow, the best (and most fun) way of expanding your vocabulary and understanding of words is by reading more.

Challenge yourself and pick literature that you might not normally read or works from authors that you have not previously read. Always have a dictionary with you when you read so that you can pause and look up words that you are not sure of. You can also find many free dictionary and thesaurus apps on your smartphone.

Review all answer options

Sometimes you will come across a vocab question like the following:

Which of the following words is most similar to “Impede”

  • Preclude
  • Consider
  • Afford
  • Improve
  • Search

You may not know the meaning of preclude (the correct answer) but if you know the meaning of the other options, you can use deductive reasoning to find the correct answer.

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