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Math Word Problems

Below is a sample of free math word problems in a test format. You can take this quiz as many times as you like.

Questions on this math word problems quiz are ideal for grade levels 6 and higher.

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Strategies for answering math word problems

Math word problems require flexible thinking to be able to effectively answer the questions. Here are a few tips for addressing math word problems on your upcoming test.

Read the question more than once

While it may be tempting to simply grab the numbers in the question, it can be helpful to re-read the question more than once to make sure that you aren’t missing any important written details or instructions. Take an extram second to fully assess the math problems presented to you in order to determine the right solution.

Don’t be afraid to write it out

Word math problems are tricky because they are not structured as a formula that needs to be solved. You need to create the formula, and solve it all on your own. For this, it may be helpful to write out the full problem in a numeric set. Doing this will allow you to both conceptualize how to solve the problem, as well as work on different scenarios and solutions. Math Word problems can be complicated and writing out the problem with different approaches can assist to solve the problem.

While many people are naturally good at solving problems in their heads, for most people it is far easier and faster to write down the details on paper and work it out there. Be sure when writing out the math problem you incorporate all of the possible scenarios and numbers in order to successfully solve the problem. Save room for writing out test theories and answers as well.