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Rob Gronkowski Wonderlic Score

Rob Gronkowski is one of the most dynamic players to ever grace a football field. Not only is he a very good player, but he is also well known for his personality and antics off the field. In fact, his personality has become almost as big of a story as anything else when it comes to sports.

However, this article will focus on whether or not Gronkowski is the most intelligent among his peers. Sabermetrics has become fairly commonplace in sports today, but what is a Wonderlic test?

Before we delve into the test and Rob Gronkowski’s score, let us take a look at what exactly this test entails. According to WonderlicTest.com , this 50 question multiple choice aptitude test is designed to be used as a psychological test for employment purposes. It was first devised in 1936 by Harvard graduates E.F Wonderlic and his brother, who also plays a role in the development of this questionnaire, A.F Wonderlic.

The average on the Wonderlic score tends to range from 20 to 22. Traditionally, NFL Draft prospect would take the Wonderlic as a part of their physical and mental tests during the NFL Draft Combine every March. Of the hundreds of NFL players that have taken it, only Pat McNally, a punter, scored a perfect score of 50.

Now that we have an idea of what this test entails, let us look at Rob Gronkowski’s score. During the NFL Combine in 2012, Gronkowski scored a 32. Given’s Gronk business acumen, this higher than average score should not be surprise.

During the NFL Draft year of 2012, some notable scores include now retired Andrew Luck with a 37, Robert Griffin III with a 24, and Ryan Tannehill who is now starting with the Tennessee Titans had a 24. Given Gronkowski’s score of 32, this places him in the 87th percentile among NFL players.

Gronkowski continues to have a dynamic career in the NFL, coming out of retirement in 2020 to join Tom Brady and win Super Bowl LIV. He had 623 receiving yards and 7 touchdowns during the championship campaign.