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Richard Sherman Wonderlic Score

As the 2017 combine as wrapped up over the weekend in Indianapolis, predictably the Wonderlic scores of some of the top draft prospects will begin to leak out. While the tests that are taken by NFL draft hopefuls Myles Garrett, Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette, Jonthan Allan, Jamal Adams and other top prospects are supposed to stay confidential, inevitably a few weeks after the draft they are leaked.  Often these scores show what a player’s IQ may be, although it is often argued if it has any bearing on actual on field performance.

Once these scores start getting out it is always fun to go back and look at other notable or famous player scores.  One such player is standout All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman, whom many think has a very high IQ due to his background, ability to read plays and business ventures.

Richard Sherman Wonderlic Score

Sherman has also done a great job taking his stardom into business.  He has signed several endorsement contracts and has also started the Blanket Coverage – The Richard Sherman Family Foundation which provides kids in need of school supplies and clothing.

Richard Sherman got a 24 on the Wonderlic.  Sherman played at Stanford, which obviously has high academic standards.  Additionally he is one of the smartest players on the football field in a given game, with a great ability to read offenses and quarterbacks.  Combined with tremendous speed and above average cornerback height at 6’3″, it is a perilous idea to throw at him.  Entering this 7th year, he has the most interceptions and defended passes of any active player.

Image Courtesy Keith Allison, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons