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Gardner Minshew Wonderlic Score

Minshew mania has erupted across the National Football League. The 6’1″ 225 lb. quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars has had an electric start to his career. Start to do a search on Google and you can see the interest in Minshew ramping up.

Minshew arrived to the NFL via Washington State, where he transferred in from East Carolina. He was drafted in 6th round of the 2019 NFL Draft. With his urban legend status, trademark mustache, headbands and odd stretching routine (in nothing but a jock strap) Minshew has captivated the city of Jacksonville and the rest of the NFL with his style and successful play. Given his reputation in the weight room, film study and work ethic, many fans are wondering – what did he get on this Wonderlic exam prior to the draft?

Minshew scored a 42 on his Wonderlic test, which is extremely high. That score places him on the upper level of NFL draft prospects who take the Wonderlic at the annual draft scouting combine. Additionally, the 42 that Minshew scored also places him in the top tier of NFL quarterback scores. Comparatively, Tom Brady, who was also taken in the 6th round, scored a 33. Aaron Rogers scored a 35 and Andrew Luck scored a 37. All of these are high scores, but Minshew beat them all with his 42. The top Wonderlic score ever in the combine was recorded by Pat McNally, a punter who scored a 50. Ryan Fitzpatrick of the New York Jets scored a 48, which is one of the highest quarterback scores ever.

Given his background and eccentric movie star-like career to this point, it is probably of no surprise to anyone that he has excelled with a 42 on the Wonderlic test. Which, by the way, is not easy. Think you can score better, try a sample Wonderlic test here.