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Aaron Rodgers Wonderlic Score

Aaron Rodgers scored a 35 on the Wonderlic during his NFL Draft combine in 2005. This is a fairly high score as compared to peer quarterbacks such as Tom Brady and Drew Brees. The highest score by an NFL draft prospect was a 50, by Pat McNally, a punter. Ryan Fitzpatrick of Harvard scored a 48. Fitzpatrick holds the best Wonderlic score on record for an NFL quarterback since Wonderlic scores were leaked and tracked.

While Rodgers career isn’t over, he will go down as a quarterback with plenty of storylines. He is going to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in history. Drafted in 2005, he famously sat for many picks in the first round before being drafted by the Green Bay Packers in at pick 24, including being passed over by his near home town San Francisco 49ers. With the pick, the Packers tucked Rodgers away from future Hall of Famer Brett Favre. Finally in 2005, the Packers moved on from Favre and named Rodgers the starting quarterback.

Since then, Rodgers has continued to climb the list of NFL records. He recently surpassed Dan Marino and Phillip Rivers on all time touchdown pass list at 422. Going into the 2021 season, Rodgers had amassed 51,633 total passing yards. He is also the first player to have a career quarterback rating over 100.

Rodgers lead the Packers to the Super Bowl XLV Championship, being named Super Bowl MVP. He has also lead the Packers to 5 NFC Championship games and 8 NFC North Division Championships.

He has mastered the hard count and had been able to draw defenses for offsides for many critical first down penalties. He also has been able to take advantage of catching defenses in substitution situations and generated too many men on the field penalties.

Off the field, Rodgers has had many star endorsement opportunities, including being a lead character in State Farm commercials. He also was a guest host for two weeks on Jeopardy in the summer of 2021. Rogers was also involved in controversy in 2021 as to whether we would return to play for the Green Bay Packers after having issues with the team’s front office.

Rodgers’s Wonderlic score of 35 being above average is one of the Wonderlic scores that may actually lend evidence to the arugement that the scores lead to on field success. Rodgers has a strategic mind and is able to quickly process information and read defenses. He is also very good and knowing his playbook and quickly changing plays at the line of scrimmage with audibles.