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Free Cognitive Ability Test Sample

Whether you are getting ready for a job interview or you want to further evaluate applicants for a position, you may be familiar with cognitive ability tests. Also known as general intelligence assessments or aptitude tests, cognitive ability tests are tools used by many different organizations to predict the future performance of applicants. They help make hiring and staffing decisions and businesses as well as finding out if a potential student is a good fit at an academic institution.

If you need to take a cognitive ability test in order to get the job you want or to be admitted to a program, practicing with sample questions can be an effective way to get used to the types of questions you would expect to see on an actual cognitive ability test.

Wonderlic is a great organization that provides cognitive ability tests for businesses and academic institutions. While your upcoming cognitive ability test may not feature the exact style of questions found below, you can take one of our free Wonderlic cognitive ability practice tests here. Our tests are timed so you can get a better sense of the pace you need to work to answer questions correctly.

Take a Practice Cognitive Ability Test Sample

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Quick Practice Test

Our quick sample test is a 25-question multiple-choice test to help you prepare for a Wonderlic test. An official Wonderlic test will contain 50 questions, so this can be a helpful tool as you prepare to take an official test. You will have 6 minutes to answer the 25 questions and you will get one point for every correct answer. There is no penalty for an incorrect answer, so as you practice, be aware of the timer so you can answer as many questions as possible to give yourself the best chance for a high score. When you are ready to begin your Wonderlic practice test, click the "Start" button below.

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There are 40 grams of sugar in a 12 oz can of Dr Pepper. If your max intake of sugar permitted for the day is 25 grams, how much of the Dr. Pepper can you drink?

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Which following list of odd numbers totals 56?

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How much square footage is there in a room that is 13 x 18 ft?

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Martha and Steve have 95 colored pencils. If Martha has 4 times as many as Steve, how many does Steve have?

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Are the following two words similar, contradictory, or not related?

Sever   Adjoin

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The 12th letter of the alphabet is:

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The bill is for $19.56 and you pay $50.01. How much change should you get?

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The 6th month of the year is

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(15 ÷ 5) x (10 ÷ 2) =

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-57 + -74 equals:

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If the first two statements are true, is the last statement true as well? Orange butterflies head to the south for the winter. Derek is a butterfly. Derek will head south for the winter.

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In the number 10,987.36 which digit represents the tenths space?

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Louis makes $4638.34 a month. If $345.12 is taken out in taxes, what percentage has been removed?

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There are how many inches in 17.5 feet?

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Select the word that is similar to gross

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Which of these numbers is the smallest?

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Arrange the following words so that they form a complete sentence.  rectangle has a sides five  Is that sentence true or false?  

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A football field is 100 yards and also includes two endzones that are 10 yards long each. How many feet long is a football field including the endzones?

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What is 456.219456 rounded to the nearest hundredths place?

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The volume of an object that is 23 ft wide, 10 ft deep, and 8 ft height is:

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A new phone sells for $250 and a used one sells for $75. How many of each are sold if the sales for the day totals $625?

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In a leap year, how many days does February have?

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The bones that make up the spine are:

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If the first two statements are true, is the last statement true as well? Dogs like sticks. Marvin has a stick. Marvin is a dog.

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If you have 3 dimes, 5 quarters, and 6 nickels, how much change do you have?

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More on Cognitive Ability Tests

Cognitive ability tests are used as a quick and effective way to identify qualified applicants out of a large pool or to ensure that an applicant is qualified for a given position. Questions on tests can vary but most include verbal, arithmetic, word matching, and abstract problem solving questions. Many tests are designed to have questions for a specific group of people or for a certain application. They are helpful to identify if a person is either under qualified or overqualified for a role in their organization.

If you are preparing for an upcoming test, the best thing you can do is get a good night’s rest and eat a solid meal before taking the test. While you can take practice tests and view sample test questions, you will not be able to find the same upcoming test questions and answers online. However, you can get a sense of the time restrictions and the types of questions you would expect to see by taking free online sample tests like the one found above.

When taking practice tests, it is best to avoid relying on a calculator while solving tough math questions. Most cognitive tests do not allow the use of calculators, so you are doing more harm than good if you practice using a calculator.

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